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Studio potter in the heart of the Galloway Hills

I am a traditionally-trained studio potter based in Galloway, Scotland. I make functional bespoke kitchenware inspired by the landscape around me.

After working in various roles for several years, I discovered a love for studio pottery and its potential to elevate everyday objects.

 With a thoughtfully crafted mug, something as ordinary as a morning cup of coffee can be transformed into a moment of genuine beauty.

In 2019, after a two year apprenticeship, me and my wife Bee, along with our two children, moved to Galloway to open our own studio.

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Film by Ben Stewart Film and Martha Joy Stewart Graphic Design


I make high-fired functional earthenware with vital form and simple, expressive decoration. I use dark green, honey-gold and cream as base colours, creating organic variation of colour by adding decorative texture.


I often spend months, even years experimenting with forms, balancing functionality and aesthetic, before finalising a shape. However, the incorporation of local materials alongside instinctive decoration introduces elements of unpredictability into the process, making each pot unique.

I take my inspiration from the landscape around me, mimicking Galloway's natural granite, it's varied alluvion plain and its distinctive colours.

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