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Spring Fling Open Studios

25 May - 27 May 2024
Spring Fling is a vibrant visual art and craft open studios event covering the length and breadth of Dumfries and Galloway. I will be opening my doors from 10am - 5.30pm Saturday 25th May - Monday 27th May. I'll also be open until late on the Saturday evening.
The coming year sees a shift in my practice away from the production of large amounts of functional ware for the market to a focus on the development of my craft. I am exploring new techniques of making and increased use of local materials in my work. At this year's open studio, you can view pieces made from local clays and glaze materials.
I am also working on larger, more sculptural pieces alongside my standard range. I have previously focused on functional kitchenware, this collection is a new exploration of form and expression.
Square Bottle with Branch (ST) small.jpg
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